Writers Showcase

"The Vietnam War through the Eyes
of a Young Marine
by: Stan Brenner

I am a self published author and I am looking for an agent or publisher to take on my book. The book is about myself being drafted and then enlisting in the Marine Corps and what Parris Island was like and what really happens in ground combat , which I was in Vietnam along with two Medal of Honor Recipents during my tour both men died, our unit was in 11 major combat opertations, also with me were 3 other
men from my home town, most of the men were 18 or 19, and during the tour over 700 were wounded or killed in the worst conditions that anyone could ever imagine, this book is 96
pages and is very easy to read, locally several thousand copies have been sold, now I need to get this book in stores nationwide, any publisher , or agent who is interested that
contacts me I would be willing to send them a copy.


Stan Brenner
717 843 7670
e-mail stann@blazenet.net
936 Linden Ave. York Pa.

Note This book does have a ISBN number, bar code and price